They say when we plan God laughs! I had planned to meet and laugh with Attilio Tagalile or as I used to call him Mzee Tagalile after our last catch-up meeting, I had a lot of ideas and a number of events had unfolded that needed our usual catch-up. Unfortunately, on Friday July 09th 2021, as I was embarking climbing Kilimanjaro mountain, I received heartbreaking news of his death from a text message that sadden my day.

I was in turmoil. As a way of distracting myself from throbbing of pain, I started calling some friends who knew Mzee Tagalile…

Michael Dalali

"Truth is an inseparable companion of justice and mercy"-@pontifex| Cogito Ergo Sum| Analyst| Strategist| Facilitator| Translator| Writer & Avid Reader! 🥋

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